Friday, February 25, 2011

Puffy, pink, and pretty!

Okay, so one of the major projects in the back of my mind is the pink masquerade dress from the Phantom of the Opera movie.

It's huge, and pink, and lacy. For the most part, I generally don't wear huge, pink, and lacy - I was all about pink when I was small, and then I ended up getting what I wished for which was a room entirely made of pink: pink carpet, walls, pale pink ceiling and window trim, pink bedding, pink vanity,pink-stained desk. I got over pink at that point.

But this dress -- it would make me so happy that it's something I would probably secretly wear to do housework. You know, if it wasn't big enough to make going through doorways nigh-impossible.

But the starting of the project scares me. It'll require a victorian tight-lacing corset, which I haven't made before (I've made a non-tight-lacing corset at a workshop, and then I made an Elizabethan corset all on my own), it'll need a huge hoop crinoline, and then there's the massive amount of fabric in the skirt itself.

I have given it a lot of thought, though. I've got the components for the elliptical cage crinoline:

I've decided I'll probably cobble the dress itself from this bodice pattern (obviously with alterations to how the bertha/neckline is ornamented):

And I'd use this skirt as a base:

Now, it's designed to go over the elliptical cage, so it's a good starting point, but I'd need to do some major changes to give it the cascading bustle that the dress has.

My other thoughts have been to the shoes and the gloves. I'm thinking it's probably possible to get some gloves and some lace and just do a cutout in the gloves and stick the lace in there, but I don't know about the shoes. I've been contemplating finding pink shoes in the right shape and somehow figuring out how to create the little golden band and buckle part. Since it's highly unlikely that I'd find pink shoes in the right size, and I'm not so sure I want to be sewing on shoes anyway, I may end up just finding little slippers and pretending that's what she wears in the movie.

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