Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Pink Dress

I wanted, my whole life, a pink dress. And somehow I never had one. So I decided that I was going to make a pink dress. A really nifty one, too. I was going to make this one:
The pink fabric was a nice grown-up fabric. It's amazing how many child-centric prints there are, and even if it's just a neutral pattern, there's a baby-pink colour that still remains inappropriate for adult clothing. But I found a beauty.

I had read about underlining rather than lining, and I liked the concept. So I found a nice pale pink cotton to underline with, and off I went. I cut the underlining out first and then basted the pieces to the main fabric. I also used basting to mark the darts. I felt like a real couture sewer...but it took forever. I'm sure I'll do it again one day but at the time I swore off it forever.
It does make actually sewing the darts very easy. And I tend to hate transferring markings for darts. Actually I hate transferring most markings. I'm not sure why. :/

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