Friday, February 17, 2012

Fathingcoat! Pettigale?

So a long time ago I decided to create one of the undergarments for the Tudor Gown. It would need a farthingale to make the skirt stand out straight. It would then need a petticoat to hide the steels. I had a brainstorm. A combination farthingale-petticoat: a farthingale with rows of ruffles sewn right onto it. And I began. I spoke about the scads and scads of ruffles previously.

I had an idea that I would need to get proper steel for it, but I did not like the thought. I figured, maybe if I get the cheap plastic boning, but put a few rows right beside each other, they'll reinforce each other and be fine. Take note: this does not work. It makes more work for you, in fact, because then you have to painstakingly pick out the stitches for all those superfluous horizontal rows.

Anyway, I finally got them unpicked and I have some proper steels, and I have sewn the casings on (measured meticulously) and started to sew the flounces on.

It takes longer than I anticipated. Also, I have decided I need to make an actual skirt with three flounces at the bottom -- I kind of like the look of this.

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